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Krabi Natural Attractions & Sightseeing
Krabi Natural Attractions Krabi Historical Sites

Krabi Natural Attractions

In the friendly town of Krabi, there are hotels, shops and restaurants, and yet it still retains its natural charm for visitors to visit.

Khao Khanap Nam, KrabiKhao Khanap Nam
 The two mountains which straddle the Krabi River, in the town of Khao Khanap Nam, are a stunning example of stalagmites and stalactites. At Sah Bok Khorani, one of the eight big ponds nestling in a shady forested area, lays a replica of the Lord Buddha's footprint carved from wood.

Tham Lod Nua - Than Lod TaiTham Lod Nua - Tham Lod Tai
can be reached by taking the Ao Luk-Laem Sak route for about two kilometers. Then take a right turn to the Bo Tho Pier then transfer to a rental boat along the Ta Prang canel. About ten minutes after passing a mangrove swamp will be the Tham Lod Tai, which is a cave beneath a limestone hill with a stream flowing through narrow passages. The main attractions are beatiful stalactites and stalagmites. The Tham Lod Nua is a large cavern with meandering passages longer than at the Tham Lod Tai. They are navigable only during low tide.

Tham Lod Nua - Than Lod TaiTham Phi Hua To or Tham Hua Kalok
is located in Amphoe Ao Luk on Phi Hua To Mountains, which are surrounded by mangrove swamps. The cave is accessible by the same route as Tham Lod Tai with its entrance not far beyond the canel to Tham Lod Tai. From the entrance, the cave divides into 2 routes, the left one leading to a vast chamber pierced by a shaft of light, while the right routeleads to a hall believed by archaeologists to have been once a shelter for prehistoric people. Rock paintings can be seen within the cave. The paintings, 70 of them, are painted in red and black and portray people as well as animals. The cave was named Phi Hua To or Big-headed Ghost owing to the unusually large skulls discovered there. A large pile of shells were also found in the cave.

Tham PhetTham Phet
is 3 kilometers from the intersection at Ao Luk Nua market. In front is enshrined an image of Buddha. The name of this cave "Phet" means diamond, and indeed sparking stone casts beautiful reflections on the cave wall. The best way to get there is to first contact the National Park Office at Than Bokkhorani for guide.

Tham Chao LeTham Chao Le
is a beautiful cave on the west side of Laem Sak. Inside, there are stalactites and stalagmites as well as prehistoric cave paintings of people, animals and various geometrical shapes.

Than BokkhoraniThan Bokkhorani National Park, Amphoe Ao Luk

Covering 37.5 rai (1 rai = 160 square meters) in Tambon Ao Leuk Tai, 1 km from the Tambon Ao Leuk Neua Market intersection on the Ao Luk Sak road, the park is shady and forested. Among the many different species of trees in the park are wild gardenia, asoka, and Apocynaceae.

The Sah Bok Khorani - after which the park is named - flows through a winding passage in the mountains. At the north end of the pool is a footprint of the Buddha carved in wood and a shrine to Chao PhoTo Yuan-To Chong.

Krabi Historical Sites

Wat Tham SuaWat Tham Sua, Amphoe Muang
This temple, also known as "tiger cave," is only 3 km from Krabi. The inside of this cave features tiger prints captured in stone, and is in the middle of a lush forest, with enormous, ancient trees. As well as serving as a temple, this site is also very significant archaeologically, as many artifacts have been found on the premises, including tools, pottery, and the mold for the Buddha's footprint. In addition, there are several other caves and points of interest in the surrounding hills.

How to get there: Being so close to the town makes this an easy day-trip, and there is plenty of transportation available.

Wat Klong Thom MuseumWat Klong Thom Museum, Amphoe Klong Thom
This museum, created from the finds of archaeological digs in the area, particularly at Khuan Luk Pat, is located at km 69.5 on Phetchakasem Highway, near the district office at Khlong Thom.

Although a relatively small structure, this museum has an impressive and varied collection of artifacts, dating back for thousands of years, including stone tools, stone and ceramic ornaments in animal shapes, and religious beads.

How to get there: The museum is serviced by public buses, and there are also a number of day tours that combine the museum with many of the nearby attractions.

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